The Lighthouse Journal is an exploration of a small Arctic island in poetry and prose that stems from time spent working on Litløy Fyr as…
A lecture how traditional architecture has always been bonded to local traditions, resources, needs and climate and it’s a very important…
At Sammallahdenmäki World Heritage site, you will receive instructions and a paper to fold origami flowers and 15.–18.8. see an installation…
A dance performance at the Rauma Art Museum yard on Sat 27th July at 1.00-1.30 pm. Turnups on the Black Lace Night. During June Nieminen…
Author Lectures ‘Creating a Village That Reads’ about reading and ‘A Long Way to Go’ about women’s rights at the Rauma Library on Thursday…
The UK-based multimedia artist will be showing the outcome of her creative work at Seppä house and at the Ruins of the Church of the Holy…
Event focuses on the common phenomena that surround people daily and that can be experienced with the senses. Kauppakatu 8, on 14.2. at…

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Residency artists (updated 27.10.19)


November–December: Somar Jbawi (SY), film

November–December: Thomas Cummins (US), photography


January: Rauha Hartt (FI), dance, painting.

February: Anniina Tammi and Tiina Kokkonen (FI), performance, body painting.

February–April: Lelia Byron (US/UK), visual arts.

March–April: Orianna Musica (CO), singing, piano.

April–June: Ivana Blanco Gross (AR/US), paiting.

July: Tarmo Thorström (FI/RU), lace.

September–October: Mary Ann Loo (SG), painting, murals.

November–December: Marlise Keith (ZA), visual arts, collages.

You may inquire for available moths.

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