Open call for applications to residencies in 2022 is open 19th April– 15th May.

At the moment we take applications from artists living in Finland for November-December 2021 and applications to 2022. Due to the cancellations caused by the coronavirus in 2020 and 2021, we have had to relocate the residencies of already selected artists, this affects to residency places in March-May 2022, which are booked.

Before writing the application, please note that the form can not unfortunately be saved. Write your application (especially the project plans) to your computer and copy paste the information here.

Please read the applying information carefully from here (opens in a new window).

Every file name must include your name (not just "CV for RaumArs"). Otherwise we can not find them among dozens of applications. Please note the rules in "attachments". File size can not be more than 2Mb. Thank you!


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    I arrive to the residency *From the pair or other members of a work group send us personal information mentioned above in an attachment(s)

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    2. PROJECT
    Project title * max. 500 characters

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    Work plan max. 8000 characters
    Required from artists who want to be considered as stipend artists. In the work plan please mention your pair or in a group application other members of a group.

    Project is *

    Previous community art practice max. 1000 characters

    Community group to work with max. 200 characters
    Proposal expected from artists who want to be considered as stipend artists.

    Field(s) of art in which your project at RaumArs belongs to * max. 200 characters

    Katso lisäinformaatio
    I would like to be taken into account as *

    Duration of the residency * Artists who are allotted to a stipend are supposed to work 2–6 months, preferably 3 months or more. Other artists can stay 1–6 months, preferably 2 months or more.The periods start on the 1st and end on the last day of the month. (Arriving some days later or leaving a bit earlier is possible.)

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    4. OTHER
    Previous residencies max. 1000 characters

    Why do you want to come to RaumArs residency to carry out your community project or independent work? max. 1000 characters
    You can write e.g. how would Rauma citizens benefit your project / how important this time would be for your artistic work / what other interests you have.

    How did you find/hear about RaumArs?

    Do you have needs for special tools / equipment / space? If yes, please tell us whether you will take them with you or do you think you can buy/rent them from Rauma? max. 500 character

    Preferably make one PDF portfolio, with pictures, possible extra text and CVs. Identify the PDF/CV with your name. In case of pair/group application identify the files with person’s name (not “RaumArs PDF”). This file should not occupy more than 2 Mb.
    Portfolio *

    Links to videos (eg. in Youtube or Vimeo)