RaumArs hosts an international artist residency, where artists from different fields carry out community and participatory art projects, workshops, events and performances with local communities, groups and individuals. The mission of RaumArs is to develop cultural possibilities in Rauma town and in Satakunta region by producing interesting and high-quality projects, open for everyone. 

Residenssiohjelma pitää sisällään kaikki taiteenlajit. Taiteilijavalinnan edellytyksenä on laadukas suunnitelma, joka toteutetaan vierailun aikana Raumalla tai muualla Satakunnassa. 

RaumArs is one of the oldest artist residencies in Finland. The first guest artist arrived in 1997 and RaumArs A-i-R registerated in 1999. The activities are based on extensive cooperation with art and cultural institutions, associations, artists and individuals.