RaumArs hosts an international artist residency, where artists from different fields carry out community and participatory art projects, workshops, events and performances with local communities, groups and individuals. The mission of RaumArs is to develop cultural possibilities in Rauma town and in Satakunta region by producing interesting and high-quality projects, open for everyone. Through community art projects and art visible in the environment, art comes closer to citizens and enables the development of national and international connections between artists and cultural actors in Satakunta.

Residency program includes all fields of art. A prerequisite in choosing the resident artists is a plan for a high-quality and functional art project that will be implemented during a visit to Rauma or elsewhere in Satakunta. Independent artists can also apply for residency. As a general rule, you apply for residence for the following year.

RaumArs is one of the oldest artist residencies in Finland. The first guest artist arrived in 1997 and RaumArs A-i-R registerated in 1999. The activities are based on extensive cooperation with art and cultural institutions, associations, artists and individuals.

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Heini Mielonen & Antti Utriainen, 2021

Heini Mielonen & Antti Utriainen, 2021

Heini Mielonen säveltää akustista, ambient vaikutteista klassista taidemusiikkia sähköisiin soundeihin yhdistävää musiikkia. Mielonen on säveltänyt myös laulumusiikkia. Antti Utriainen on keskeisiä vaikuttajia jazzin saralla Suomessa. Oman yhtyeen johtamisen lisäksi Utriaisen työnkuvaan kuuluvat myös toimiminen aktiivijäsenenä eri yhtyeissä ja työskenteleminen säveltäjänä teatteri- ja elokuvamusiikin parissa

Maria Kananen, Kehokätköilyä, 2021

Maria Kananen, Kehokätköilyä, 2021

Maria Kanasen taide syntyy vuorovaikutuksessa erilaisten ihmisten ja ympäristöjen kanssa. Kehokätköilyä-liikeimprovisaatiot 10.7.–30.7.2021 kuudella eri rastilla kaupungissa, tarkemmin Kehokätköilyä infosivuilta.

Ne alkavat Kuvataiteen päivänä 10.7. Sepän talolla klo 10.30 ja 13.00, Heikklän taidepihalla 11.30 ja 17.00, Rauman taidemuseolla 12.00 ja 16.30 sekä Rauman merimuseolla klo 13.45 ja 15.45. Pitsiviikon aikana opastetut Kehokätköilyä-kävelykierrokset 17.—24.7.2021. Aikataulut löydät Pitsiviikon aikataulusta. Mustan pitsin yössä 23.7. klo 19.00.

Johanna Sinkkonen, Maailma huoneessani, 2021

Johanna Sinkkonen, The World Inside My Room, 2021

Exhibition at Sepän talo 21.6.–18.7.2021, Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma. Open mon–fri 12.30–18 and sat–sun 12–15. Closed during Midsummer 24.-27.6. The World Inside My Room -project will be celebrated during the national visual arts day 10.7. at 10-18 o'clock.

The community art project, which describes the journey of fast fashion, utilizes fabric waste and handicrafts. In June the exhibition will be installed at Seppä's House, where the artist Johanna Sinkkonen will implement a spatial artwork from the rya rugs made by the participants, such as school pupils.

Jori Tapio Kalliola, Tuonelan kurkistuksia – taivaalle pyrkimisiä, 2021

Jori Tapio Kalliola, Peering in from the Underworld - Reaching the Sky, 2021

Exhibition at Sepän talo 30.5.–20.6.2021, Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma. Open mon-fri 12–17.30 and sat–sun 12–15.

Public presentation about ITE-art from Satakunta - delicious findings and observations, at 16.6.2021, 17.30-19.00 o´clock. Presentation by Jori Tapio Kalliola and Veli Granö.

In his art, Jori Tapio Kalliola is commenting contemporary life and world events. Society, politics, religion and economic structures, greed and lust for power all get a representation in the form of an artwork. In his childhood the artist has said to have experienced deep frustration in situations he felt were unjust. Now the wooden heads of the sculptures are revealing and protesting against those injustices. "There are no strict commands on how to do art", says Kalliola.

Tasha Aulls & Rauha Hartt, Synteesi, 2021

Tasha Aulls & Rauha Hartt, Synthesis, 2021

Exhibition and art sessions 14th Jan–14th Feb 2021 at Viherkäine Garden Centre, Lensunkalliontie 3, Rauma.

The Synthesis project considers the many levels of humankinds’ relationship with nature and the diversity of life. At the centre of the project - which began incubation already in January 2020 - is a show at garden centre. The group of artists; Tasha Aulls, Susanna Autio, Luis Cascante, Rauha Hartt and Katariina Mannio have been working on their project in a synthesis-like way since March 2020. Monthly video calls between artists welded the group together, clarifying everyone’s artistic work and expanding the whole ...