RaumArs hosts an international artist residency, where artists from different fields carry out community and participatory art projects, workshops, events and performances with local communities, groups and individuals. The mission of RaumArs is to develop cultural possibilities in Rauma town and in Satakunta region by producing interesting and high-quality projects, open for everyone. 

Residency program includes all fields of art. A prerequisite in choosing the resident artists is a plan for a high-quality and functional art project that will be implemented during a visit to Rauma or elsewhere in Satakunta. 

RaumArs is one of the oldest artist residencies in Finland. The first guest artist arrived in 1997 and RaumArs A-i-R registerated in 1999. The activities are based on extensive cooperation with art and cultural institutions, associations, artists and individuals.

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Orange Grove Dance, Rauma liikkeessä 2022

They are here! After ten years, Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves have returned to Rauma with the film composer Dylan Glatthorn from New York. Performance at the Blue Sea Film Festival on August 19th at 21.15 and seven dance films on the 20th at 5:30 p.m.
Contemporary Dance Technique at Turun Seudun Tanssioppilaitos in October 1st-2nd. Apply by 25th of September.
Rauma in One Word at Penkkilenkki event on October 7th at 1:00–3:00 p.m. by Orelli bridge with Alyssa group from Rauma aesthetic gymnasts.


Lelia Byron, artikkeli, 2022

The unveiling ceremony of the murals on Monday 25th July at the Rauman Vesi water pumping station located at the eastern end of Kaunisjärvenpuisto at 6 pm. After some time we will walk to the Rauman Energia electrical transformer station located at the northern end of Pormestarinkatu. 

Non-stop paper making workshop at Seppä's house, Alfredinkatu 3, on Tuesday 26th July at 3–6pm. Participation free of charge. 


Miasma Fog (Anne Salmi & Vilma Kärkkäinen), Mulberry Mori

Mulberry Mori tells about the passage of time and the fear of being forgotten, as well as bitterness through the theater of objects, paper, shadow and dance. Performances July 7th on the Finnish Fine Arts Day at the Rauma Art Museum at 1 pm and at the Seppä’s House at 2.30 pm.
During the Lace Week July 21–July 31 there will be pop-up performances by public art in different locations and a tour leading to the stories of the public statues on 27 July at 6 p.m.

Ivana Blanco Gross, 2022 artikkeli

Exchibition at Seppä House, Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma, 7.-18.6.2022. Open Mon–Thu 12–18, Fri–Sun 12–16.
Sitting at the intersection that connects conceptual, pop and neo-minimalism art, the show is a celebration of joy and color. It invites you to play with wooden blocks and build your own personal landscape. The art now in Seppa House is meant to be inhabited, manipulated, walked through and experienced with a smile. The artist is asking you to be present in her own landscape and interact with it as if you were on a hike.


Noora Ylipieti, 2022

Exchibition at Seppä House, Alfredinkatu 3, Rauma, 7.-18.6.2022. Open Mon–Thu 12–18, Fri–Sun 12–16.

Ylipieti’s vampire works are cartoonish and storytelling, both in color and unforgivable in technology. The characters are twofold, both in the human world and on their own. The ensemble, which includes several exhibitions and works of community art, is Ylipieti's multi-year project. The works in the exhibition are painted in the residency during December 2021–February 2022.


Andrzej Tarasiuk, Mechanical Trees

An exhibition of a Polish-Canadian artist living in Toronto will be displayed from April 22 to May 15, 2022 in the courtyard and outbuildings of the Rauma Art Museum. Tarasiuk is guided by ecological science, process philosophy, and ideas of sustainability, technology, biomimicry and circular economy. The stories he tells, unify a range of art responses in order to encourage reflection on humanity’s relationship to the environment. The goal of the work is not to predict the future but to to consider what kind of future we are creating