With our collaborators the RaumArs board of directors chooses 6-10 artists per year of which 2-3 artists or a working team will receive a stipend (accommodation free of charge, a small reimbursement for production expenses and some assistance). Stipend will be allotted to the artists who work with local people as community artists minimum for 2 months.

Selected artists working independentely pay a small fee. A community project is not necessary. Who can apply? Individuals, couples/pairs, groups, families. Working 1-6 months. Please note that there are some additional charges from non-artist partners.

After being selected, all artists pay a registration fee (€ 100) to secure a place of residence and a deposit (€ 120 per room) that is refundable at the end of the residency.

Over the years, RaumArs artists have worked and collaborated with schools, art and cultural institutions, and various associations. Our partners can also provide workspace for wood, painting or textile work, as well as a particularly interesting collaboration for an architect or world heritage researcher.

Residency can be applied for in different fields
- visual arts (including crafts, design and architecture)
- performing arts (including composing, sound and light art)
- curators, art historians, authors, researchers.