Following the Thread, Kaunisjärvenpuisto, 2022
Following the Thread, Pormestarinhaka 2022

Lelia Byron (US) interviewed the members of Rauman Nyplääjät ry, photographed them and created the wall paintings for Rauman Energia's electrical transformer station and Rauman Vesi's water pumping station. 

In the murals, Byron uses lace-making as a metaphor for social fabric; it connects people, generations and is a continuation of traditions. In addition, it follows the "thread" of her previous project in Rauma and is part of a long chain of both bobbing lace traditions and her works.

Byron's work has been supported and the materials sponsored by the Finlandia Foundation, USA.

Yötaivas / Night Sky, Kodisjoki School, 2021

Among the first participants of 'The World Inside My Room' project were the 5-6 grades of the school of Kodisjoki. They worked with Johanna Sinkkonen from the beginning of March till the end of May. "Inside the school was created a separate piece of art. It was almost completely designed and created by the pupils. The original idea was to depict a forest but in the end, the art piece evolved in to a starry sky." says the teacher Miikka Wikholm. The artwork was shown at the exhibition thru media art.

Hard Road With Love, Hardest Road Without Love, yard of Seppä house, Alfredinkatu 3, 2021

A sculpture donated for RaumArs by the ITE-artist of the year 2021, Jori Tapio Kalliola.

Flight of Fancy, Parpansali park, 2015, lace renewed 2020.

Glenn Messersmith & Suzanne Morlock (US) & Tarmo Thorström together with Rauma Street Mission (Rauman Seudun Katulähetys) VALO metal workshop apprentices.

The work of art is based on Rauma shipping and lace-making. The work belongs to the Rauma City Art Collection.

Sponsors and partners: Eurajoen Romu Oy, Monentoimentalo, Rauman Betoni Oy, Erkko Näppi Oy, Rauma Works Oy, Tapani Kuusisto/Rauman KTK Oy, Insinööritoimisto Rakenne-Rauma Oy and Viitama Rauno Tmi. Ropes: VG-Shipping, Finnpilot, Rauma Marine Constructions Oy and Rauman Merihistoriallinen seura ry. Thank you Logistikas Oy, Kukukari Oy and Rauman RS-Rakennus Oy. Supporters: Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Erik Rosenlewin säätiö, Finlandia Foundation National (Pasadena CA).

Kudo & Kohtaa, Rauman kartta, 2013–2017.

Collectif Reversible: Antonin Boyot Gellibert & Juliette Morel & Victor Labarthe (FR)

Together with the City of Rauma and its residents a net was made from unused fabrics, clothing, furnishing and plastic bags. Artists used techniques of traditional professions – such as fishing, knitting and bobbin lace. The interviews with the participants became part of Rauma Story of Rauma City and the map was made of stories and places that are relevant to both residents and tourists. The finished artwork was exhibited in the Rauma Art Museum yard and later the final work “Rauma Map” was placed to the Rauma Tourist Information office through 2013-2017. The artwork is part of Rauma City Art Collection.

Triad of Hope, Uotilanrinne primary school yard, 2011-2018.

Jihee Min & Uotilanrinne primary school 7F, 8th and 9th grade visual art classes made Triad of Hope into an existing metal frame at the schoolyard. The work belongs to Rauma City Art Collection.

Kohtaaminen Pohjolassa, Luostarinkatu 1, 2009–

Concetta Modica & Rauma Martha Organization group Lännen Martat. Embroided tapestry that was donated to the youth clubroom of Rauma parish.

Over the Forests and Seas, Pori city library, 2008

Sandra Sitron (b. 1980 US) & Pori Kallela School.

Pori Centre for Children's Culture / Network of Children's Culture in Satakunta, together with Raumars A-i-R and Pori Public Library – Regional Library of Satakunta organised a series of workshops and an art project for children. Sixth-grade pupils at Kallela special school in Pori worked with an American artist Sandra Sitron, and together they realized a textile work to reect the visual worlds of Finnish and American culture.

Night Sky, Uotilan koulu, 2008-2018

Visual artist Sandra Sitron from the United States taught batik techniques to teenagers in the textile course at the Rauma Art School. The students made individual batik works based on traditional plant motifs and created a collaborative batik painting “Night Sky.”

The Survival Map, Nortamonkatu 5, 2007–

Agenor Marti painted 1,50 x 3,8 meter acrylic painting together with the citizens who visited Sepän talo and people who visited the Yhteyksiä – Common Ground exhibition in Lönnström Artmuseum. Marti donated the painting to Rauma City Art Collection.

ÄIJÄNSUO ART COMPETITION 2005, Äijänsuo football stadium, Nortamonkatu 23, 2005 until sirca 2013.

Winner Antti Tuomento, Elektrokardiogram.

The jury (Timo Huttunen, Head of the Finnish Football Association All Play; Hannu Aaltonen, sculptor and vice-chairman of the Satakunta Arts Council and Pasi Mäkinen, architect, City of Rauma) evaluates the winning proposal as an effective, fresh and modern idea that combines art and sports their ideas in combines art and sports in a fundamental way and comments on the artist’s courage to boldly reduce his ideas.

Sponsors: City of Rauma, Finnish Football Association, TVO, Värirauma Oy and Sata Seri Oy

A wall for ball games,, Monnan palloilukenttä, 2004–

Together with Kari Korhonen from Eurajoki Brown painted a wall for different ball games to Monna sport field.

Pususilta bridge railings, 2000–

Stolker designed a new appearance to the Pususilta (kissing bridge) railings. She got an inspiration from Old Rauma wooden house idyll.