• Community artists with stipend receive accommodation free of charge, small reimbursement for materials up to 100€/month by against a plan and receipts of bought items. There may be some payments, for example for having all the residence rooms for one’s own use. RaumArs provides assistance in the implementation and marketing of an art project.
  • Non-scholarship artists are required to pay rent for the room.
  • After being chosen to the residency, all artists pay 100€/person registration fee to the RaumArs bank account. This ensures the accommodation. Registration fee will not be returned. In addition to that, artists are required to pay 120€ (per room) of insurance costs, which must be deposited four full months before the beginning of residency. This amount will be kept as a pledge for cleaning, phone, apartment key, bicycles etc. After writing the necessary reports (contact amounts and feedback) and when the condition of apartment and other equipment has been investigated, the amount of 120€ (per room) will be returned. The insurance will not be returned if the artist cancels their arrival (four months or less), discontinues the residency or is absent during the residency.
  • The rent (250€) for the first month must be paid on the RaumArs bank account before the beginning of the residency period of time.
  • After artist has been chosen for recidency, it is obligatory to immediately give their reply and a signed contract about accepting the residency and informing the date of arriving to the recidence. For an urgent personal circumstance or force majeur situation discussion about changes is possible. We respectfully hope that everyone understands the issue of finding a new artist and starting a new project in a short time is very difficult.
  • Cancellation must be done in written form.

Material costs/production allowances

  • Reimbursable costs (materials, equipment rent etc) must be part of the project the artist creates during the residency and mentioned in the application.
  • Production allowances are part of communal art projects so the artist must have a discussion with the executive manager about acquiring materials for the project.
  • Money will be paid in exchange for receipts which are scanned to PDF-files and must be sent to the executive manager as well as the chairman. If needed, the executive manager can also purchase required materials. Receipts must show what was bought. Costs for items bought from private persons must also be recorded and scanned.


  • RaumArs has no separate working space. If needed (e.g. visual artist who do painting), RaumArs will try to arrange one. This must be discussed beforehand and the working space may have a fee.
  • Some of our partners are equipped with work spaces for wood, painting or textile work.
  • Often working with the people can happen inside schools or similar places, so a studio is not always needed.


  • RaumArs will provide cellphones with a rechargeable prepaid-sim card. Usage is paid by the artist. Phone number for the community artist is +358 (0)44 0959545 (operator DNA) and for te independently working artists is +358 (0)46 5269000 (operator Elisa). You can add credit to the phones at R-kioski from these operators.
  • Finnish artists can use their own phone number in most cases.

Living in the residency

  • The artist pays for their own travel and living costs as well as the cleaning supplies for the apartment.
  • Residency must be used for work/living at least during the weekdays.
  • The artist or their guests are not insured by RaumArs. The artists themselves must have a valid travel insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance.
  • A fee will be collected from guests who stay at the residency overnight.


  • Bus timetables will be found at Only few busses come straigth from Helsinki airport to Turku/Rauma. Best way is to travel from Helsinki airport to Kamppi (Helsinki city centre) and from there by bus to Rauma.
  • Distance to the Helsinki airport is (250km). From some European cities you might find flights to Turku (90 km). It does not save time to get a connection flight from Helsinki to Turku.
  • Artist will be greeted and collected from Rauma bus station.


  • The artist must write a report of their stay and working. They must also count the amount of people participating/visiting. At the end of the residency the artist must write a report and evaluation by filling an online form on the website.