Dear associates,
RaumArs logo is designed by Milla Moilanen in 1998.
RaumArs association and the residency artists work together with many organizations presenting different exhibitions, lectures, performances, artist talks and events.

Here you can download our logo. Logo is designed by Milla Moilanen in 1998

Street address (street address)
RaumArs ry
c/o Rauman taidemuseo, Kuninkaankatu 37
26100 Rauma

Executive director
Hannele Kolsio, phone + 358 44 054 5419
e-mail: raumars (at) raumars . org

Project worker
Antti Hannula, phone + 358 44 275 7052
email: lastname . firstname (at) gmail . com

Artist's phones, stipend/community artist telephone 044 095 9545, independent artist telephone 046 526 9000.

Billing adresses
E-invoice adress 003715278435
EDI-code 003710948874
PDF-invoice: RaumArs.FI.P.101836-5 (at) docinbound . com

Paper invoice: RaumArs ry PL 31724 00063 LASKUTUS

Board of Directors 2021-

Chairman: Elina Junnila; entrepreneur / social and health sector, phone: +358 44 235 9073, e-mail: elinajunnila (at) hotmail . fi
Vice Chair: Katariina Mannio; Bachelor of Visual Arts, Rauman Art Graphic Artists, STG, class teacher / Rauma School of Fine Arts
Member: Juli-Anna Aerila; University Lecturer, Rauma Campus of the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Turku, Docent of Literary Education and Reading
Member: Heta Kaisto; Museum Curator / Rauma Art Museum
Member: Janne Koski; museum curator, retired
Member: Jonna Soininen; Bachelor of Visual Arts, teacher
Deputity Member: Jenni Suominen; dancer, practical nurse