Orange Grove Dance, Rauma in Motion 2022, 222

Blue Sea Film Festival activities: Terrace of Amarillo, 19.8. at 9:15pm, dance and music performance. Movies Reservoir, La Tierra De Mi Madre, The Archetypes, Paso, Rauma in Motion and a taste of things to come, their upcoming five part movie premiering at Fall in the US, "Other Canticles", parts I and III (durations between 5-32 minutes) at the cinema Iso-Hannu 20.8. at 5:30pm.

ODG artists are also part of the short film competition jury. Baltic Herring -prizes on Saturday 20.8 at 6pm.

Cotemporary dance course 1.-2.10 at the Turku Region Dance Academy Rauma department, Kaivokatu 1, Rauma. Group A, ages 13-17, hobbyists, 10:00-12:15. Group B, advanced, 13:30-15:45. Group C, open level for over 15 years of age and adults 16:00-18:15. Two-day course 50€. Registrations by 26th of September to e-mail iida.paukamainen (at) More info below and a compilation of works by Colette and Matt at vimeo

Residency August-October
Ten years ago Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves created a communal dance piece, Dance-U-Mentary  Rauma in Motion , a movie which joins together dance compositions and documentrical movement in cooperation with the local population. The residency was implemented in two parts; contemporary dance courses and producing video material for the movie during the summer. At the end of 2012 the film premiered and was part of a larger exhibition set by Krogol and Reeves with interviews, installations and video works in the studio of the Lönnström Art Museum.
Now the dancers have returned, bringing back their composer Dylan Glatthorn. They invite their old acquaintances and new collaborators to work with them on the upcoming movie, motion workshops and musical cooperation. Dance is movement - waltz, breakdance, anything goes, you don't have to have prior knowledge. Glatthorn is interested in working with Rauma choirs or their members and meeting people who play different instruments.
Orange Grove Dance Company is supported by Finlandia Foundation.

"Orange Grove Dance is a multimedia dancegroup founded by the artistic directors and dancers Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves. For thirteen years, the group's performances have been on concert stages, art museums, subway tunnels, streets, parks, botanical gardens, from Rauma to Brooklyn, Washington to Wuhan. Krogol and Reeves are not just dancers, but also choreographers, performers, film makers and multimedia artists. In their pioneering collaboration they have combined physical Dexter, enchanting landscapes and rich imagination. As dancers and choreographers they have been awarded numerous times as well as their films." - Tarmo Hotanen