Miasma Fog (Anne Salmi & Vilma Kärkkäinen), Mulberry Mori, 2022

Performances 10.7. on the Finnish Fine Arts Day at Rauma Art Museum at 1 pm and at the Seppä's House 2.30 pm. The Art Museum's performance draws inspiration from the summer exhibition IMAGINE! WHAT IF! RAUMA TRIENNALE 2022.
Lace Week short pop-up performances by public art in different locations of Rauma and a tour leading to the stories of the statues 27.7. at 6 p.m. Departure from the Rauma Flikk statue, in front of the Art Museum.

Residency: July

Mulberry Mori is an art work to be completed, the artist Miasma Fog depicts its subject matters as following: passing of time, fear of being forgotten and of becoming bitter. The artwork is to be narrated by object-, paper- and shadow theater. The wholeness forms of small carefully placed pieces, of the cooperation of light and performers.

Name of the artwork is a modication of the latin name of a silk moth. A line of butterflies which never use their wings to fly. What happens when one does not get a turn, when the wings won't carry oneself? When the security net stays your feet and you shall be left behind, waiting for an eternity? All we are left with are memories, unfulfilled dreams, promises and hopes making us bitter. The central theme of the artwork is the will to live and to experience. To break free and savor.

In Rauma, we disembark to explore the environment and public artworks in a new way. The idea is to find out what kind of bodily memories they awaken within us and what kind of a new chapter we can construct with them. Statues and other pieces of art in this way of looking are the shapes of memories. A way to preserve pieces of a story. Of the artworks selected for this journey are also offered a great deal of concrete information for the audience.

The residency will be realized with a support from Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland and Rauma City. Collaboration with the Rauma Art Museum and Rauma cultural and museum services

Miasma Fog is a creative team consisting of dancer Vilma Kärkkäinen, theater actress and show technician Anne Salmi always open to explore new windows of the world.

Both Salmi and Kärkkäinen have a long history in dancing, even if their points of view are not the same. The strength of the act consists of the differences in age and backgrounds. Their creative process is based on strong appreciation of artistry and bravery to create together.