TransCultural Exhange, 2020

Here is a link to an international Hello World -project where artists around the world have submitted their artworks for everyone to see. We hope that you will enjoy the event:

TransCultural Exhange is a nonprofit organization based in Boston, US. They are executing a global, virtual art project, encouraging in international artist exchanges, showing their works to new audiences and carrying out dialogue between cultures - without anyone having to leave from their homes.

By joining in this simple but spectacular event we are saluting our colleagues during the pandemic - visual artists, curators, producers, galleries, museums, everyone with us at the Hello World -event.

RaumArs will put forward two artists during 20.21. of June. Lelia Byron from the US and Oriana Aristizabal Ortizin from Colombia, showcasing their artwork done in the residency during February-May and the changes made in the projects.

Hello World launch happens at 6pm-7pm Finnish time