Orange Grove Dance, Rauma in Motion, 2012

Lönnström Art Museum Studio 12th Dec 2012 – 21st Jan 2013

Residency 4 May – 30 June & 12 November – 14 December
Colette Krogol (b. 1985 US) & Matthew Reeves (b. 1984 US)
Orange Grove Dance

Colette Krogol and Matthew Reeves, artistical leaders, have established is a New York based dance company Orange Grove Dance CompanyKrogol and Reeves worked in Rauma first during the spring-summer and again later in the end of the year. They started the residence with dance technique courses for both young and adults, who also collaborated in addition to seniors with choreography and contend producing for the film Rauma liikkeessä – Rauma in Motion. During the second part of the residence, dancers worked with the same people and built up and an exhibition, where this 32 minute film had the world premiere. The movie was part of a larger entity which included interviews, an installation and video works filmed during summer. Rauma liikkeessä – Rauma in Motion represents a new form of art which the creators call Dance-U-Mentary. A community dance project/documentary which utilizes dance and movement created by Orange Groce Dance while documenting the life and stories of the community.

Orange Grove Dance blurs the lines between the Art of Dance, Film and everyday life. The film Rauma liikkeessä – Rauma in Motion Rauma in Motion was created and conceived by Orange Grove Dance and Rauma community members. Krogol and Reeves took to the streets, sea, schools, studios and forests to document motion and life in a town where the days were growing longer, the grass growing greener, and the bicycles zooming by at all hours of the day. Participating groups in the film from the community included Rauman Naisvoimistelijat (aesthetic gymnastics of Rauma), Turun Seudun Tanssioppilaitos / Rauma department (Turku dance school in Rauma), Senioritanssijat (Rauman Kansalliset Seniorit ry, senior dancers), Nummi and Sampaanala kindergarten. Collaborative parties also included Inspira and Alladin’s Lamp network for Children’s culture in Satakunta.

The film is scored by notable American composer Dylan Glatthorn and is devided into into 3 sections as the film itself; Old Rauma, Land and Sea, and People. The exhibition overall provides small windows into Orange Grove Dance’s time living among this unique community.

Orange Grove Dance, founded in 2007 by Colette Krogol and Matthew Reeves, is built on the ideals of bringing dance, art and movement to all communities, large and small. “Our mission is to bring world-class art to working class people. In order to achieve our objective, we find it absolutely necessary to immerse ourselves in the communities in which we create our work. We create dance based on our physical, emotional and mental environments.”

Artistic Directors, Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves, natives of Florida, received their Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Florida. Upon graduating, they collectively began the vision and creation of Orange Grove Dance and moved themselves and the company to New York City. Their work has since been presented throughout the United States. Colette and Matt spent the 2011-2012 academic year as Visiting Lecturers/Guest Artists at the University of Florida’s School of Theatre and Dance. They have performed and toured nationally and internationally with many prestigious companies, such as Neta Dance Company, Dendy Dance Theater, Diavolo, David Dorfman, and The National Yiddish Theatre. Colette and Matt have taught dance workshops and master classes as well as set repertory all across the United States. They were Artist in Residence in Nikiski, Alaska in 2008, and recently in Rauma, Finland as well as at Skriklaustur in East Iceland. Their dance film, “ELta BLöð”, will premiere in Iceland this summer 2013. Orange Grove Dance had support from Finlandia Foundation.