Alexander DeMaria & James Horgan, Middle Kingdom, 2013

Workshops at Rauma High School, performances at cafe Soppi & Gallery 3H+K
Sound for Syväraumanlahti 26.9.
Pacific Pandemonium, Nokan Art Cottage 11.–13.10.

Residency 12.8.–25.10.2013
Alexander DeMaria (s. 1982 US) &
James Horgan (s. 1984 US)

Music and art collective Middle Kingdom (USA) working at RaumArs-residency included experimental sounds, building both electronic and acoustic instruments, creation of music and performing in different squads. They started with sound and instrument workshops with Rauma High School students.

Middle Kingdom’s music is rooted in an interest in experimentation, discovery and playfulness. In making music, sounds are sought after, discovered, processed electronically, broken and then remade in order to develop something entirely new and unexpected. While often sounds inspired by nature dominate, the over all effect can range from blissful droning to dissonant noise. The construction of instruments for playing this music follows a similar process, in which materials are found, molded, used and amplified, sometimes in surprising ways.

Collective draws the influence and inspiration from a wide range of musicians both old a new; from Harry Partch to Nicolas Collins and from the Incredible String Band to Sunn0))).

Sound for Syväraumanlahti happening was carried out in the evening of 26th September. With the help of a handful of friends from Rauma, a chorus of homemade "tube" instruments echoed and bellowed from different geographic points in and around the bay to create one harmonious/consonant breeze of sound to were observed from the rocks of Nokka Art Cottage.

During the Pacific Pandemonium several groups were performing in addition to the Middle Kingdom: Tax from Tampere, Niilo Apukka from Turku, Banana Pill from Helsinki, Dva Zagorodnyh Doma from Petrozavodsk Russia, and Villit Hevoset (Wild Horses) from Rauma.

James Horgan and Alexander DeMaria also performed at Blue Sea Festival during their residency, at coffee house/restaurant Soppi and at Galleria 3H+K.

Middle Kingdom is James Horgan (b.1984) and Alex DeMaria (b.1982). They have done performances and installations together at the Wassaic Art Festival, Martos Gallery (NY), Anthony Greaney Gallery (Boston), Lufthansa Studios (Boston) as well as many DIY happenings all over New England, USA, over the last 4 years.