Alicja Rose, Outi Kokkonen, December 2016

Alicja Rose (PL)
Outi Kokkonen (FI)

Poet, translator and illustrator Alicja Rose is working on her poetry book about Northern Europe. During 2016 she has been in different residencies, including Taidekeskus Järvilinna and Mustaranda and continues her work in Kokkola, Korppoo and Mänttä residencies in 2017. An exhibition of her works will be hosted during December in Mänttä residency. Her texts and pictures are related to local history, landscapes and people.

A guide from Rauma gave transportation to Rose and spent three days in the wintery Reksaari on the Rauma archipelago. She is planning a week long workshop there, during July 2017. Other instructors there will be Finnish writer Vappu Kannas, visual artist Sallamari Rantala, dancer Jenni Suominen, batch guide Uula Jänkävaara and Latvian visual artist Eva Vēvere.

Outi Kokkonen, an art teacher from Kajaani, spent a week in the residency during summer, exploring Rauma and Pori art exhibitions and museums and participating in the project of Maritta Nurmi, making her art piece Kalanmaha (Fish Belly).