Terhi Forssén, 2022

Author meeting at Vanhan Rauman Kirjakauppa, 3.12. at 1:00 pm.
Poetry brunch, Cafe Sali, 4.12. at 11-12 am.
Poetry jam, Oluthuone Vanha Kyttis, 10.12, at 7:00 pm.

Residency: November-December

TERHI FORSSÉN is a Jyväskylä based poet, with provenance in the city of Rauma. Forssén will be reading excerpts from her first book Sinä olet ääni minä olen hiljaa, where yearning during warm and cold seasons mixes with the atmosphere of the metropolis. During her time in the residency, Forssén will be working on her upcoming poetry book Rakkauden toinen nimi, which takes place in graveyards and rental cottages. Elise Erämaa will interview Forssén at the Vanhan Rauman Kirjakauppa meet up.

During the poetry brunch, also on the spotlight are Katri Rantala and Suvi Valli. Rantala is a Rauma based, former baseball player and current writer-poet and she also teaches writing. Rantala will be reading excerpts from her new poetry collection Tuuliovia, which focuses on liminal spaces, carnevals and deserts. Suvi Valli, Jyväskylä based poet, essayist and translator, practises walking and snooping around with her dog. Valli will be reading excerpts from her poetry collection, focusing on movement and traffic, called Spiraaliwhich won Tuli & Savu prize in 2018.

In the poetry jam, organized by Nina Rantala, there will also be Kalle Talonen & nenä, as well as a chance for an open mic, an opportunity to read your own poetry.

Also visiting the residency are Jyväskylä based fantasy writer Katri Alatalo and poet Suvi Valli.