Roseline Lambert, Luminous letters, 2023

Workshops with the services for the elderly in the city of Rauma, Kaunisjärvi welfare center club and the club in Kourujärvi, Saga Nursing Home Cultural Club, École AREVA and Nanu school's 4A and 7C classes. Artist talk on 23rd March.
Residency: January-March
Luminous Letters is an intergenerational art project that Lambert started during the corona pandemic in Quebec, where she asked people around her to write poems and send them to her. In the RaumArs residency, Lambert has continued the project in a new way; she started her project by searching the image archives of five Finnish museums for old photographs taken in Rauma, which were used to make postcards. Lambert met older people, talked with them about poetry, and in poetry workshops they wrote and sent postcards to school children. Children participate in the project by writing their own poem postcards and sending them back to the seniors who wrote them.  
Roseline Lambert is a poet and anthropologist from Montréal in Canada. During her residency in RaumArs, she is writing a poetry book in French about memory, memory loss and grief entitled Lac noir–Black Lake. She is writing poems based on old, damaged photographs found in the archives of the Lapua Photo Museum and other Finnish museums.