RaumArs 25 Showcase

RaumArs 25 Showcase
Rauma art museum, Eino Valtonen collection room 19.3.-30.4.2022

Showcase exhibition is celebrating 25th year of RaumArs. Exhibition includes a selection of art pieces by Marija Griniuk (Lithuania), Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves (US), Mara Maglione (Italy), Jihee Min (South-Korea/Canada) and Ron Saunders (US/Canada). Featured artworks address themes of working together, friendship, mutual respect and sharing things between the artists and participants.

Simultaneously at the museum is an exhibition by the Rauma Artist's Association called "Sininen" (Blue) which delves deeper in to the meaning of blue. These exhibitions go well together because both RaumArs' and the RAA's common goal is to advance visual arts in Rauma and local areas, bringing together artists and citizens.

-Having a residency is a vital part of interaction between art and society, internationality and making art reachable for everyone. For example the exhibition includes Rauma In Motion -movie by Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves who are returning to Rauma in the coming summer after 10 years. They will be working in collaboration with Blue Sea Film Festival. Also on display is a silk painting of the Ukrainian castle of Lubart by Marija Griniuk says RaumArs' executive manager Hannele Kolsio.

The residency of RaumArs is one the oldest in Finland. It has numerous affiliates in Rauma and local areas including both art museums in Rauma. Rauma Art Museum has been a longtime partner and a representative of the museum has served as a member of RaumArs' board of directors since the beginning.

-It would be difficult to imagine Rauma's cityscape and cultural vitality without the international artists of RaumArs residency. Residency provides an astonishing amount of high-class art education and happenings all around the year not to even mention all the connections and friendships around the globe. To start a residency in a small city has truly been ahead of it's time in many ways, says Heta Kaisto, the director of Rauma Art Museum.