Ran Fuchs, Thousand words of snow, 2023

Photo exhibition on the windows of Kuninkaankatu 24 with Teemu Laulajainen, Altti A. Salo and Raimo Sundelin from 23rd February to 23rd March.
Animal photo workshops 6th–10th March at selected Rauma schools. Artist talk and insects photos at the Old Rauma renovation centre Tammela on 23rd March.


Residency during December 2022-March 2023

RaumArs presents snow photos from the Australian photographer Ran Fuchs and local photographers Altti A. Salo, Teemu Laulajainen and Raimo Sundelin in the windows of the property located at the corner of the market place. The centerpiece of the exhibition are twenty photographs taken by Fuchs during the winter residency, in which he has studied various snow and ice formations.

The works are described by Ran as “created to satisfy my curiosity about the hundreds of words used in cold climate languages to describe snow. Having lived in hot climates, I am unfamiliar with cold conditions. But since I was a child I have been told that many northern languages have hundreds of words for snow. This exhibition shows the formations to these words in the Finnish language.”

Fuchs has recorded the nature of the local winter and snow. Winters have become increasingly mild and shorter in Finland. For Finns, the visibility of snow has been so common that we don't necessarily pay attention to it. These photos give us a glimpse of what our winter looks like to someone seeing it for the first time. Photos remind us of the beauty of nature, which unfortunately we often ignore, but which we can still enjoy.

Ran Fuchs is an Australian photographer who focuses mostly on nature and wildlife in his pictures. This is his third international solo exhibition.

In the Animal Potrayal workshops led by a photographer and an actor, you get to know the exotic animals in nature photos by talking and asking questions, and by acting out what the animals in the photos do and what happens in the photos are explored. The participative workshop will be guided in English by photographer Ran Fuchs, paired with photographer and amateur actor Teemu Laulajainen, who will translate the working instructions into Finnish. Registration for workshops and additional information Rauma city's cultural and museum services.