Orianna, 2020

7.3. klo 21.00jam at Kulttuurikuppila Brummi
30.4. klo 14.00 live broadcast at Yle Areena "balcony concert" in the yard of high-rise. Cooperation with YLE Pori and the city provided services for seniors of Rauma.
1.5. klo 14.00–Vappu yhdessä -happening at Iso-Hannu.
5.5. concert recording at Rauma-sali, published on RaumArs YouTube-channel, 16 min.
16.5. klo 18.00 Kulttuurikuppila Brummi livestream where jazz music is performed by Orianna along with Carola Larsson and Jami Jokinen.
23.8. klo 16.30 Blue Sea Film Festival, performing before Selim-movie which starts at 5pm. Lönnström museum.
3.9. klo 19.00 Voices of Mansion: Orianna, Vuojoki mansion. 6pm, wine and tapas included with the entrance fee of 20€. Tickets at: Vuojoen Kartano phone 044 242 4085 or [email protected] Concert is organized by Vuojoen kartano and the municipality of Eurajoki.

Residency during March-September.
Orianna (Oriana Aristizábal Ortiz, 1987 CO) Colombian song maker-pianist.

Orianna mainly performs acoustic indie pop, which takes influences from jazz and blues. Her own compositions are often based on improvised singing. During the residency at RaumArs she has written and composed new music, including the song Home (Koti)which will be heard during the balcony concert together with Spanish songs like Cuéntame tu secreto and Lluvia y calorOrianna tells the following about her composition: "It was a beautiful, snowy day. Song is about how you can feel at home even if you are so far away. Every time I see snow, it now feels as if I am at home."

Orianna came to Rauma during March-April to enjoy the local music, interact with fellow musicians and choir members while also writing new songs which draw their inspiration from a completely different culture. When the situation caused by the pandemic was turned upside down, she wants to perform for the locals so that they can enjoy her music.

Balcony concert is meant for the residents at Tuulensuu building complex area, they are welcomed to watch and listen the concert from their balconies or windows. Us producers hope that the music will bring joy to the people living in isolation.

The profits from the happening Vappu yhdessä by Nuorkauppakamari are guided towards child welfare organization of Rauma.

Oriana Aristizábal aka Orianna has two solo albums funded by a competition meant for musicians in her hometown Medellín. Between the years of 2016-2018 Orianna worked as a bilingual music teacher at Colegio Gimnasio Los Pinares and during 2009-2014 she was advancing musical- and linguistic programmes for the school of Maria de los Ángeles Cano Márquez

Solo concerts at the schools of Eura and Säkylä during 14th of April and a joint concert with Rauma Flikkatte Gööri and Rauma boys' choir meant to be at 15th of April at Poselli have been changed into the Balcony concert because of the pandemic situation. Choirs were able to practice improvisation-based acapella form Circle Singing with Orianna just a few times, so performing new music was impossible due to time constraints and guidelines during pandemic. We apologize for the inconvenience.