Lena Gätjens, Marching Mirrors, April 2016

In the city 11th–24th April.

Residency 2.2.–26.4.2016
Lena Gätjens (b. 1983 DE) and RSKL VALO workshop work try-outees.

The Marching Mirrors, six mirrors on poles and wheels, are an attempt to transport the sun by creating a chain of reflections. Lena Gätjens carries out a series of experiments with them in a number of tours together with the photographer Jari Sorjonen. The Marching Mirrors are an investigation about the path of the sun. Their mirror surfaces can be seen as layers being created in public space that capture the shadows of everything in their way, such as people, nature, obstacles, and objects. The light transports (beams) these reflections further, into a final projection, which is their sum. The documentation of the experimental process with the marching mirrors will continue as work-in- progress.

VALO workshop apprentices (at Rauman Seudun Katulähetys / Rauma Street Mission) built these tools of light with Lena Gätjens. The Marching Mirrors will be on a journey through the city of Rauma in April so the people of Rauma will be able to encounter them in unexpected ways. Lena Gätjens' exhibition Temporary Observatory of Details (Yksityiskohtien väliaikainen observatorio) is part of the 1st triennial of community arts in Finland. The Marching Mirrors invite you to slow down and to observe.

The 11 minute video "Marching Mirrors interventions in a city space" will be shown at the converging exhibition of the triennial in Turku 30.5.–6.6.2016.