Johanna Sinkkonen, The World Inside My Room, 2021

Exhibition at Seppä's house, 21st June – 18th July 2021, Alfrdinkatu 3, Rauma. Opening hours Mon-Fri 12.30–18.00 and Sat–Sun 12.00–15.00.

Participants: Attendo RaumanAalto youths, Ecole AREVA MLF de Rauma, Rehabilitative workgroup of Eurajoki, Fructus-project in Rauma and Pori, Häplänperän Valittajat (Moaning Ladies of Häplänperä), Kodisjoki School 5th and 6th grades, Rauma Freinet School 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, Rauma Job Seekers, Vasaramäki School 6th grade from Turku, Tiina Arvo, Raija Kuisma, Leo, Lotte & Emma Pouwels, Marja Turunen and Marjo Viitama.

Residency March–July
Johanna Sinkkonen. (FI)

Come and join! During the spring in the workshops of the spatial place- and context-related community art project, participants will weave mini size rya rugs, which can be of any shape. Former experience is not required and all participants are instructed on how to make one. Mini rya rugs are made by using a technique common during the age of depression, learnt from Johanna's grandmother. It is also encouraged to use your own technique and make it as a part of the mini rya rug. If you do not have any surplus fabric, it is possible to get materials from RaumArs and collaborators. More information Maailma huoneessani (The World Inside My Room) and from a downloadable PDF .

Depending on the prevailing corona situation, community art workshops are held as either local or telework workshops. It is also possible for participants to proceed independently, making it easy to adapt the workshops to their own schedules. Let's use old t-shirts, socks and bedsheets and create a piece of art together!

The community art project The World Inside My Room, which describes the journey of fast fashion, utilizes fabric waste and handicrafts. Sinkkonen's orientation to the field of community art is motivated by an interest in influencing society. The central part of the project is to attract attention to the enormous amounts of cloth and fabric waste. At the same time, the workshop attendees will learn the technique of rya rug and the journey of fast fashion from sweatshops to households to the landfills, while using art to express these issues. Did you know that as much as 73% of clothes end up in landfills or get burned?

The world, once open for us all, has been deformed, becoming rooms inside our homes. We can point the finger at the guilty parties all day long, but all of us are responsible for the well-being of the Earth. Beyond our gaze, in the sweatshops, plenty of cheap clothing items are being produced for us to buy. We are consuming these products and are at fault as well.

The exhibition at Sepän talo will consist of a living room, decorated with furniture and smaller items. At first glance the space seems soft and welcoming, safe. But the exhibition will have a documentation of the used clothing items, amounts and origins. This documentation will show the ugly side of the room. An entirety is created in which each participant is present, an entirety in which many are able to identify. An entirety where the world is inside my room. An entirety that is a picture of our time.

Documentation of the exhibition can be seen at the Maailma huoneessani-website too.

Sinkkonen (b. 1983) combines the methods of community, place-based and media art with his work. His special expertise is in public works of art as well as socially influential art projects, such as the community and environmental art project KaiPuu and the interactive media art work I See You. Sinkkonen's works have been seen at many different festivals and exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Community art and applied art from Sinkko is motivated by an interest in influencing society and a desire to take art processes to places where they are not usually experienced. He has implemented projects in different art groups with different media, actively influenced the Turku art field and has e.g. founding member of the community art cooperatives Canadantuijat and Holz Kollektiv.