Deadline for the residencies in 2020 has ended.
In March–April 2020 artists can apply for 2021.

Some months might be availabe for 2020, so please first check the information on a front page and contact the director.

The main idea of RaumArs residency is to bring artists and art closer to people by producing community-based art projects. Priority is in community/participatory artists & art.

With our collaborators the RaumArs board of management chooses 5-10 artists per year of which 2-3 artists will receive a stipend (accommodation free of charge, a reimbursement for production expenses and some assistance). Stipend will be allotted to the artists who work with local people as community artists minimum for 2 months.

Other chosen artists work independently and pay a small rent. A community project is not necessary.

We encourage artists to offer a community project (2-5 months) or a project of your own with preferred months (preferably 2 months or more).

Who can apply? Individuals, couples/pairs, groups, families. Working 1-6 months. Please note that there are some additional charges from non-artist partners.

Projects: community/participatory practices or independent/self-directed working.

Please also read "instructions and rules" carefully. Each selected artist pays a registration/reservation fee that guarantees the place and a bond.

Blue_Gorilla_Ayho_3.jpgBlueGorilla in Lajo housing area.

RaumArs welcomes artists to apply for a residency from the fields:
- all visual arts (including craft, design & architecture)
- all performing arts (including sound & light design)
- art historians, researchers, writers and curators also welcome.

Please note that the periods written here are updated in April and they may vary from the information given on ResArtis and TransArtists web sites.


Application for residencies in January–December 2020

  • A call for a 3-5 month community residency in spring (January–May) or fall (September–December, possible start in mid August too). Accommodation free–of–charge. Please notice that for the summer period (June–mid/end August) we accept only independent work applications.
  • 1–4 month independent work residency. In this period there are good opportunities at our partner's premises for woodwork (at Tammela or Street Mission), painting (at Street Mission) and textile/sewing/knitting/weaving (at Job Seekers). Chosen artist pays the accommodation and registration fees, but the workspace is free of charge and it needs to be agreed upon case by case.
  • A hint: good possibilities & collaboration for handcrafts (textile/yarn) and materials for that.
  • Interesting collaboration with the Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela. This 1–2 months period in spring (January–April) or fall (September–December) is specifically targeted for architects, architect researchers or World Heritage researchers, but artists from other art disciplines are welcomed to apply too and we hope the artist would have a project connected to the World Heritage. Independent / self-directed work.

    The Renovation Centre Tammela is looking for an architect or researcher whose research area includes one of the following topics: cultural environment, cultural heritage, world heritage, wood constructions or wooden towns. Architect/artist/researcher will get access to a workspace in Tammela. There is an own office room, WLAN and shared kitchen. Workshop has facilities for eg. woodwork. Tammela personnel helps you to take contacts with public administration, local residents and entrepreneurs. In return, we expect you to hold a lecture or arrange an small exhibition in Tammela.

    Chosen architect/artist/researcher pays the accommodation and registration fees, but the office or the workspace is free of charge. For the accommodation costs there is a possibility to apply a stipend from Vanha Rauma Säätiö (Old Rauma Foundation).

General expectations towards the artist

Both artists (community and independent) are expected to present a work plan.

From independently working artists or architects RaumArs partners (who give the workspace free of charge) expect some collaboration with their clients, min. an artist presentation and outcome of the work.

Especially the community artists who get a stipend (receiving an accommodation free-of-charge) are expected to present a clear project plan for a collaborative/participatory art practice, public or social art project or an environmental project, which will be realized during the residence. Minimum two months of work/residency, preferably more.

The main selection criteria will be the stipend artists’ motivation to work in collaboration with local people, the proposal and the quality of previous art. Many of the projects are carried out with children or youth, but artists actualize the project according to their wishes and collaborate with any group they wish for (please read examples Association). Very often shows, performances or events happen in unconventional spaces. Please read about the old projects from our Archive and create one of your own with a new audience :).

RaumArs has successfully been collaborating with local schools, several art & culture institutions and non-artistic associations. In 2019 selected artists have a great possibility to work with for example Rauman Seudun Katulähetys (Rauma Street Mission including homeless, workshop trainees and youth work), Rauman Seudun Työnhakijat (Association for the Job Seekers of Rauma) and Vanhan Rauman korjausrakentamiskeskus Tammela (Old Rauma Renovation Centre Tammela).

The applicant doesn't have to have previous experience as a teacher, but need to prove to be able to carry out the project. RaumArs will give some assistance in producing the accepted proposal for a stipend artist. English will be the working language and should be spoken reasonably well.


Stipend artist/working group with a stipend gets 100€ in a month for materials (incl. equipment rentals etc.) by proving receipts for the items bought or rented. Exceeding costs are to be paid by the artist. RaumArs assists with projects and marketing.

Every artist pays a registration fee and a bond. Please read Instruction and rules. Chosen artists (excluding stipend artists) pay rent. Prices in Apartment.


Working can also lead to longer-term projects. During the first short residency period the focus is on familiarization with local people and environment, the second and longer period carried out on the following months/ following year as a community project (please mention this in your application if you are planning this). Within community art projects everyone benefits from good planning. In the case the artist is engaged to travel to Rauma twice.


Please note that a clear and well written project plan is crucial because each year RaumArs applies public grants with the artists' applications for operating/financing the residency. RaumArs also uses artists' portfolios.

Include your application
- artistic backround
- short project plan/explanation of the project
- a longer project/work plan
- the group you want to work/collaborate with (or if you want to work only by your self).
- one portfolio including the CV (max 2 Mb)
- or portfolio and CVs separately (max 2 Mb). Please notice to name the portfolio and CV/CVs with the name of the artist/applicant – not as "RaumArs portfolio" or "RaumArs cv", because we get dozens of applications and we don't want yours to be lost.

The Board of Directors, with some of RaumArs collaborators, will be processing the applications in May–June. Selected artists will be informed in June–July and their names will be announced on RaumArs web site and Facebook in August.

Waiting for you applications :)

Applying after the deadline

The application form stays open after the official deadline (each year in April) for artists to apply for possibly remaining months after the next year's artist selection has been announced (each year in August). Please see chosen artists / available months from the front page. Inquiries first with an email. Also cancellations may happen (rare though) so there might be some available months.

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